REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2019 - 9.30:  Sung Eucharist at Ss Peter & Paul, (the Parish Church) Preacher: the Bishop of Barking - 10.45:  Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial, Kings Head Hill Led by the Bishop and Choirs of the Parish - 11.00:  Remembrance Sunday Memorial Service at Ss Peter & Paul, (the Parish Church)                          followed by a procession to the Cross of Sacrifice in Chingford Mount Cemetery 10.0o:  Eucharist with Prayers of Remembrance at All Saints,

All Souls Requiem

All Souls Requiem Mass on the Feast of All Souls Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 4.00pm   Since the earliest days of the church, Christians have prayed for those who have died. On All Souls Day we have a particular opportunity to remember all our loved ones, since our love and prayers for them do not stop once they have died.  Praying for the departed, and recalling their prayers for us as part of the ceaseless worship of the church on earth and in heaven can be a source of comfort, strength