York 2017

The sum of parts

Our choirs enjoyed a highly successful visit to York in August, singing the services in the Cathedral (usually referred to as the ‘Minster’) for a week.  No fewer than six different combinations of voices appeared on different occasions, climaxing with the full complement of boys, girls and men together in the final evensong on Sunday. Otherwise evensongs, plus Eucharist and Matins on Sunday, mainly alternated between girls and men, and boys and men (who also sang one evensong in Wakefield Cathedral on the Minster’s ‘blank’ day).  Just boys and girls together did one evensong, and in addition the girls alone (in St Olave’s, York) and men alone (in Selby Abbey) each sang Compline. Director of Music Michael Emerson and assistant Tom Cowhig shared the conducting duties, while Rory Thorndyke was Organist.


‘Just’ a Parish Choir!

The quality of the singing, in a diverse and challenging range of repertoire, was warmly received by cathedral staff and congregations alike, with many compliments received, together with expressions of admiration and envy for the size and strength of ‘just’ a parish choir.


A Great Team!

The children and some adults stayed in the Mount Scho

ol, a half hour walk from

the cathedral. This worked well – the food was excellent, the accommodation appropriate and the staff helpful – despite the understandable inconveniences of door entry codes and locking up procedures. Thanks are particularly due to the considerable number of choir parents who helped with the supervision of the children throughout.


And off to Gloucester in 2018…

These summer week-long visits are crucial both socially and musically to the choirs’ continual development: anticipating and later reliving them helps to keep motivation and performance levels up throughout the year. So next year it’s on to Gloucester…(though there are some briefer visits planned in the meantime).