A reminder that there are three great opportunities to be involved in our parish outreach this Autumn helping our churches be a transforming presence in Chingford.      WATCH THIS SHORT CATCH-UP VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON AND HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED     & YOU ARE INVITED Lea Bridge Road Mosque, Walthamstow, E107EA// Sunday 3rd 2-6pm// AN INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY ORGANISING.  If you have been involved in the listening training or campaign, or serve in the leadership of the parish or deanery, or have questions or


  LEADING | LISTENING | ORGANISING | GROWING   A FREE TRAINING EVENING  FOR ALL WHO LEAD OTHERS ACROSS THE PARISH   Want to find new leaders, surface new ideas, develop curiosity, build commitment? Get community organising!  73 people turned up and our parish committed to 110 1 2 1 conversations and house meetings before meeting again in late June WANT TO JOIN IN?   EMAIL @andytrenier