Prayers during coronavirus outbreak

Please click "Prayers during coronavirus outbreak" above and then, in the new screen, click HERE to use the prayers which our Church of England suggests for personal and group use at this challenging time in our lives, when we are struggling to find words to express how we feel, in solidarity with one another even when it is not possible to gather together in church.

Sunday Eucharist

Please click "Sunday Eucharist" above and then, in the new screen, click HERE to see the order of service for  our Sunday service. You can participate on the Parish Facebook page  at on the Parish YouTube site at

Parish Magazine

Please click "Parish Magazine" above and then, in the new screen, click HERE to see our  monthly Parish Magazine. If that doesn't work for you, please Email to request a copy. But provided it does work, please pass on this link or a copy to anyone you know who may like to see it.